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:: Sunday, June 15, 2003 ::

Please Engage Brain Before Writing

Today's Denver Post brings us this gem of a letter as a follow up on a concealed carry debate from last week:

...[T]he new concealed carry law does not prohibit permitted concealed weapons in Colorado's public colleges and universities.

A student at one of these institutions can legally stuff guns into their backpack. A student with a concealed-carry permit might "lose it" and shoot one of their professors for a failing grade.

Hillman also conveniently forgets to mention that the new concealed-carry law does not prohibit permitted concealed weapons in Colorado's public buildings, unless they have metal detectors. Any disgruntled customer could walk into a government building with their concealed weapon and start shooting up the place.

At the risk of insulting the intelligence of my dear readers, I'll point out what each of you are probably thinking already.

Lacking metal detectors, there's nothing stopping those people from wreaking havoc with guns right now. Legal concealed carry won't change that one iota.

The letter was signed, Tom Bell, Aurora, Barking Moonbat.

OK, I made that last bit up.

:: Walter 8:32 AM [+] ::

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