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:: Thursday, April 10, 2003 ::

Well, Yeah

I missed this item in a Joe Bob Briggs column published April 4th.

When a bill to outlaw toy guns was introduced in the New York City Council, the Manhattan Libertarian Party announced a "Guns for Tots" drive, collecting water pistols and cap guns for the city's children. "Playing with a water pistol is one of the most cherished rites of childhood," said spokesman Jim Lesczynski. "We want to give that experience to New York's children before the spoilsports in City Hall take it away permanently." Once the Super Soaker is secured for the future, the Libertarians intend to turn their attention to the protection of toy firebombs.

Of course we do intend to do exactly that, after we secure the rights of drive-in movie theaters to show third-rate horror flicks.

This once, I'm not joking.

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