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:: Monday, March 31, 2003 ::

Strong Arm Tactics in Chicago

Mayor Daley wants to use Meigs Field airport as parkland. Naturally, some folks don't like the idea, and threatened a lawsuit. Hizzoner circumvented the possible suit by preemptively bulldozing the place.

“There’s no logic,” said Steve Whitney of Friends of Meigs Field. “They dug Xs into the runway all the way down.”
What’s more, a number of small planes remained parked at the airfield, with no runway now to leave, he said, adding a taxiway might have to be used. “From our perspective, this is a pure and simple land grab,’’ he said.
Friends president Rachel Goodstein called Daley’s methods “creepy,’’ and officials said their group is considering a lawsuit at the state and federal level.

Creepy is putting it mildly. As they say over at Samizdata, the state is not your friend.

(link via Amish Tech Support)

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