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:: Thursday, February 13, 2003 ::

Sorenstam Will Play

Annika Sorenstam will play in the PGA tour stop at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth this May. Her men's tour debut will happen before Suzy Whaley plays at the Hartford open, so she'll likely be the first woman to play on the PGA tour in many decades.
San Jose Mercury News writer Barry Witt opines:

Though Sorenstam doesn't hit the ball as far as the average PGA Tour player, she's far more accurate. That means that on the tight Colonial Country Club course, a par 70 at 7,080 yards, her lack of length shouldn't be too great an obstacle. Nick Price won there last year, and his 272.7-yard driving average in 2002 isn't much better than Sorenstam's 265.6 mark this season on the LPGA Tour.

At 7080 yards and par 70 Colonial is by no means a short course. Sorenstam's driving distance average would put her at 172nd of 177 on this year's PGA tour stats, so she's at a serious disadvantage in that department. She hit fairways at a rate of .803 playing on the LPGA tour last year, which is better than anyone except Fred Funk on the PGA tour. The comparison isn't worth much, however, since PGA events are held on more difficult courses than the ladies'. Early odds in the clubhouse are 3-1 against Annika making the cut. I'd like to see it happen, though.

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