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:: Sunday, February 09, 2003 ::

Leftists and Libertarians

Atrios, while discussing Christians, manages to throw in an off-hand dis at Libertarians as well:

Likewise, I'm always a bit puzzled by the fact that for most libertarians, big or small L, the Bill of Rights begins and ends with #2.

To which I responded in the comments:

"Are you kidding? You need to get out more. Start at Jim Henley's blog, go to Julian Sanchez's, and Jesse Walker's. You might even try mine. I think these people pretty well represent libertarian thinking, and the 2nd amendment doesn't come up much these days, as the others are under attack from the left and right."

A little farther down in the comments, Atrios backtracks:

I said most libertarians, not all. Most blogger republicans are self-described libertarians.

Well, not exactly. He first said, 'big or small L.' For those unfamiliar with the vernacular, small L libertarians are those who share libertarian political leanings, big L means ones who are actually registered as Libertarian party members. They can't be Libertarians and Republicans at the same time.

I think the reason for Atrios' original comment is that like many leftists, he cannot fathom that someone may be entirely pro civil rights and not share his political ideology. Or worse, his ideology is at loggerheads with civil rights.

:: Walter 8:46 AM [+] ::

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