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:: Thursday, January 23, 2003 ::

Women V.S. Men on the PGA Tour

Last year Connecticut club pro Suzy Whaley won the local PGA section championship, which earned her a spot in this year's Hartford Open, a PGA tour event. She is the first female to qualify for a PGA event in many years. The odds of her being successful there are monumentally long, as women play from shorter tees at section events, but she will have to play from the back tees with the men at the Hartford Open. I wish her the best of luck, it took a lot of guts to agree to compete in Hartford.

Annika Sorenstam, however, is by far the best woman golfer out there. If any stand a chance competing against the men, it would be her. And now, she's expressing an interest doing so. As a professional golfer, I welcome the competition between the sexes, as I feel it can only strengthen the public interest in the game.

To add to the intrigue, a Hawaiian thirteen year old girl named Michelle Wie is doing things perhaps never before seen from a girl that age, including a credible attempt to qualify for the Sony Open. She fired a 73, not good enough to make it, but outrageously good for a female playing from the men's championship tees. Did I mention she's only thirteen years old? Sheesh.

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