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:: Monday, January 20, 2003 ::


Libertarian candidates fared pretty well in Colorado in last November's elections. Not surprisingly, the result is a bill in the State House designed to make minor party ballot access much more difficult. The bill is designated HB03-1142 (PDF file)

A Green Party activist e-mails:

This change will supersede our bylaws and require us to implement many layers of organization, including having a county central committee for each county, a state central committee, a congressional central committee, a state senatorial central committee, a state representative district central committee, and a judicial district central committee, each of which has a prescribed membership and officers, to make a lot of organizational decisions. There are filing requirements for each and most of these committees have their own bylaws, as well. We won't be able to keep up with this,...

Libertarians will have similar difficulties. Only a party with thousands of involved activists can keep up with those sorts of requirements. Even the largest upstart political party will have trouble creating such a large organization. We'll fight it, of course. Letters to the editor, a campaign to write and call the legislators, whatever we can think of. But when we started to put together a strong Libertarian party we knew there would be consequences. Dems and Repubs don't like the competition.

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