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:: Friday, January 17, 2003 ::

Justice Inches Forward

One Mr. Amini has been granted a new trial, according to The Rocky Mountain News:

A lawyer asked the interpreter if he remembered when the judge was questioning the defendant.
The answer: "I suppose if he asked him, yes the answer, but if he asked him a question the answer is yes, but if I remember vividly because basically Mr. Amini was not on the stand during the trial, that's because of that I say I don't remember that because he was not on the stand if I do remember."
Translation of that quality is why Mohammad Naim Amini, a native of Afghanistan who speaks Dali, won a new trial Thursday.

According to a December Westword article, the evidence against Amini wasn't very convincing and he didn't realize the charges were being taken seriously until perhaps it was too late. That can happen when you don't speak English and your translator is incompetent.

It's worth noting that Amini's appeal lawyer is Paul Grant, former chair of the Colorado Libertarian Party and a strong civil rights defender. Congratulations to Paul on a job well done.

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