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:: Monday, January 13, 2003 ::

I'll Referee

As an anti-left, anti-right Libertarian, (and anti-Dems and Repubs as well) I'm a natural arbitrator to judge left vs right arguments. I can hear howls of protest from both groups now... but any way I'll do my best.

TalkLeft and others have noted that the Bush administration is packing the Justice Department with ideology based picks. This is probably not a good thing.
The left's protestations seem a bit much. The Washington Post reports:

The administrative changes have alarmed some current and former Justice employees, especially those who identify themselves as Democrats, who said the previous version of the program was highly regarded and had the crucial benefit of being separated from any hint of politics.

This just doesn't pass the smell test. I suspect Democrats were happy with prior administrations' hiring methods because it produced their desired ideological results. The Bush administration is unhappy with those hires for the same reasons.

Either way I'm not happy with the Justice Department.

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