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:: Thursday, January 02, 2003 ::

About Time

South Dakota Governor Bill Janklow has pardoned libertarian and AIM activist Russell Means. From the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:

The Means pardon deals with a felony conviction for riot to obstruct justice. The law was repealed by the Legislature in the late '70s, but with no retroactive provision for those convicted, Means said.
He recalls the incident in the Sioux Falls courtroom.
"I refused to stand up for Judge Joe Bottum. There is no crime for not standing up for a judge, but it is a polite show of respect. So he sent in the riot police to deal with us, and we
(Means' supporters - W.) beat up the riot police," Means said. "I did my time, one year, three days, 22 hours in the Sioux Falls penitentiary."

Means probably committed other felonies in his younger days - his autobiography is full of sordid tales. The charge for which he was actually imprisoned is bogus. Federal and local authorities pulled out all the stops to try to convict Means of something, anything, but that was the only charge that stuck.

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