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:: Saturday, December 28, 2002 ::

Membership, anyone?

Bag and Baggage reports that Sandra Day O'Connor is on the short list of potential members for Augusta National. This is a good time to point out what a tight spot the golf club is in when it comes to appeasing the folks who want them to admit a female member. Augusta National is one of the most exclusive clubs of any kind in the U.S. Current members are generally qualified in each of the following categories:

1. Rich. Plan on spending well into six figures for your membership.

2. Distinguished in their professions. Captains of industry are the norm. If you believe in glass ceilings in then you can see how this would be an obstacle.

3. Avid and competent golfers. On the golf course avid players, ones who play once a week or more, are represented by men at a rate of about 10 to 1 over women. It's not because of any real barriers that women encounter in the game, it's just that men tend to have more of an interest than women.

Taking those three factors into consideration the list of women likely to be invited becomes just a handful of names. Sandra Day O'Connor, LPGA great Nancy Lopez, and Darla Moore are some of the names that come up. Ms. Moore doesn't even play much golf. So what happens if the women most eligible for membership aren't interested in joining? After all, why pay all that money just to join a club where you may feel less than welcome? What will Augusta National do if the no eligible women want to join?

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