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:: Sunday, December 08, 2002 ::

David Carr

writing at Samizdata.

If you support drug prohibition than you have no argument with the gun-grabbers, the health fascists or the enviro-mentalists and I can do nothing but dissolve in fury when I hear so many Conservatives complain of 'political correctness gone mad' in response to smoking-bans or the confiscation of toy guns. These idiocies are nothing to do with 'political correctness'; they are the logical consequences of the widespread acceptance of the prohibitionist principle which provides both the moral validation and missionary righteousness of the nanny state.
What they do to cocaine today, they will do to hamburgers tomorrow.

I couldn't say it better myself, which is why I've lifted this paragraph over here to this blog. Readers interested in this subject should go over and read the whole article and the ensuing debate in the comments section.

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