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:: Sunday, December 29, 2002 ::

Atrios and Anti-Semitism

Atrios has an odd post about the links between the John Birch Society and Republicans.

I personally think that the Republican party has purged itself of its anti-semitic demons much more successfully than it has its racist demons, though I'm amazed that people seem oblivious to some history on this issue. The John Birch society was strongly rooted in anti-semitism, and much of their core worldview revolved around the existence of a Vast Jewish Conspiracy - later somewhat repackaged in the religious right's "new world order" conspiracy theorizing of the late 80s/90s. The JBS was instrumental in helping get Reagan elected Governor of California, though he did later distance himself from them. From that time, words and phrases like "Hollywood elite" and "New York Liberals" and others were all code words for "Jews."

I call this odd for a several reasons. Tying the JBS to the Republicans is not unlike linking the KKK to the Democrats - historically correct but irrelevant to the modern political scene. It's a battle that was won long ago. Also odd; the differentiation between 'anti-semitism' and 'racism,' as if there's two different sorts of bigotry. I wonder which of the two Atrios thinks is worse?

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