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:: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 ::

To Vote or Not to Vote

Dean Esmay advocates not voting, for all the right reasons:

Indeed, if you don't take the time to inform yourself on the issues, and make a rational choice based on that, I'd like to suggest that it's your duty as a citizen to stay out of the voting booth. I really mean that. If you do not follow the news, the issues debated, and the people involved, please do not vote on Tuesday.

Likewise, I'm tired of public appeals for people to get out and vote. It is certainly not your duty to vote. Better yet, stick to the candidates and issues you know. Don't be afraid to leave blank spaces on the ballot.

Arthur Silber also recommends not voting. I can't quite agree with his reasoning, which I've heard from other libertarians before. Vodkapundit doesn't agree with him, either.

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