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:: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 ::


I was getting away from politics for a few moments this morning, reading an innocent article in the Albuquerque Tribune about on-line fan sites. These are places where college sports fans go to share opinions on their favorite teams, trade gossip, typical internet noise. Then I come across this:

"A lot of (fan-sites) are just gripe boxes," UNM Athletic Director Rudy Davalos said. "This is a free country and everybody can do what they want to do. We have a loose situation in what people can say in terms of profanity and nastiness."
Davalos continued: "The only scary part of it is that the government would allow people to analyze and not have any credibility. The problem is being scared for our country that they allow this."

That's right, someone in a responsible position at the University of New Mexico thinks the government should do something about this pesky internet thing.
I wonder if there's someone at the University to follow Rudy around and keep him away from sharp objects. Seems prudent.

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