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:: Monday, November 18, 2002 ::

More on Republicans vs Libertarians

Jim Henley writes about neolibertarians who rejoiced in the Republican victory:

The other thing that's alarming the otherwise pro-war folks mentioned in the first paragraph is the swift passage of the Homeland Security bill. Glenn Reynolds has been in the forefront of hoping this monster would die of gridlock, but he's had company from many like-minded fellows. (On this issue, UO definitely counts as a like-minded fellow.)
Really, guys, what did you expect? Bush proposed it, Bush campaigned for it, Bush insisted the day after the election that the newly Republican congress pass the thing as submitted, and here it is. You mostly cheered the end of the gridlock that was all that kept this turkey in the freezer. Now we get the HSD and the IAO...

Any libertarians, neo- or otherwise, who voted Republican should have expected this result. I'm sure they expect the GOP to deliver something, a big tax cut, Soc. Security privatization, something, but I'm far from convinced that the cause of liberty will be advanced at home in the next few years.

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