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:: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 ::

Matthew in Denver (or some tranquil suburb thereof - edit)

Matthew Edgar responds to some stuff written on this site.

Walter has a lot to say about the difference between Republicans and Libertarians. I am not a partisan R or a partisan L. In the last election I did in fact vote for some Republicans. I voted Mike Coffman for treasurer for example. For my local house district I voted for the Republican (Rob Fairbank). Why? Coffman has the right ideas. He is anti-tax. He is anti-cigarette taxes, but he can do nothing about it. As treasurer, he has no other job than watching the money.

I'm stunned that Matthew voted for Coffman and against my favorite candidate, Gaar Potter. Gaar is the only person on the ballot, any ballot, who once appeared on the cover of Modern Drunkard, a hilarious magazine devoted to, well, you know. I keep hoping Gaar will get his own blog and the whole world will get to read his work, instead of a lucky handful here in Colorado.

Rob Fairbank has done some things I disagree with, but ultimately I agree with him 70% of the time. (Well, in that race, no L ran.) Partisanship is ultimately a bad thing as it creates a good deal of uneeded hostility to other parties, some of which might have the right ideas. More than that, it makes a party, which should be merely a tool to get elected, into a religion.

Well, it would be much easier to build a successful religion than a successful Libertarian party. More lucrative, too, I imagine. The question I ask before voting in any election is, 'what choice will best promote liberty?' I'm willing to vote for anyone who best answers that question, regardless of party affiliation. My argument is that Republicans normally do more to harm liberty than help the cause. There are some rare exceptions, and they have my support.

UPDATE: Matthew has more!

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