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:: Sunday, November 17, 2002 ::


There's been much debate lately (like here, and here) about the Libertarian Party's effect on Republican election results in the past election. The assumption made by some is that LP votes would go to the GOP if there were no LP candidate on the ballot. That may be true in some rare cases, including the South Dakota senate race, but LP voters that I know, and I know lots, made a careful and reasoned decision when they left the GOP. That's assuming they ever were with the Republicans, many were Democrats or split ticket voters before they saw the light. Most of us are painfully aware that voting GOP is voting for stuff like this: (found at TalkLeft)

Once again we see how federal sentencing decisions lie not in the hand of judges, where they belong, but to prosecutors under the federal sentencing guidelines. Prime example, in today's news: The U.S. Attorney in Boston is seeking much longer drug, gun sentences...
Already in Colorado, according to our sources (and recent clients' charges) pot growing cases of under 100 plants are now being brought in federal court. The Assistant US Attorneys are not happy about having to prosecute these small cases, but we've been told (and not from an AUSA) that this is happening at Ashcroft's insistence.

This sort of thing (and many other reasons) is why LP members take delight in voting against Republicans, and even try to spoil Republican results. As long as partisan Republicans are blind to this there will be no winning over LP voters.

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