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:: Friday, November 15, 2002 ::

A Few Odd Things

Inspired by Dean Esmay, a few odd things I believe:

- Whichever nation can best guarantee the rights of its citizens is the nation that will enjoy the greatest long term economic success. I think history proves this.

- Real chili contains no ground beef.

- No country has ever been too free, as long as it maintained the ability to effectively prosecute criminals.

- Fast food drive-throughs that can produce fresh hot food in less than three minutes are marvels of modern logistics.

- The single basic human right is the right to personal property. From this stems the rights of free speech, self defense, freedom of religion, and any other human right you can think of.

- If more people knew about the climate in Denver even more would move here. So I'm not telling.

- Other, poorer countries educate their children in eight years as well as we do in twelve. And that's not all bad for us.

- Most conspiracy theories are wrong, proved by the simple reason that people in charge are not bright enough to pull of large scale scams like fake moon landings, etc.

- The desire to be intoxicated is embedded in even the basest life forms. Like everything else in creation, there's a reason for this. But don't ask me what it is.

- I'm much better informed of current events since I began reading blogs a few months ago.

- Republican control of the federal government will not lead to a reduction in the size of said government.

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