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:: Monday, September 23, 2002 ::

Read It for Yourself

That one church in Kansas, you know, the one, will be marking the anniversary of Matthew Shepard's death by picketing against gays in Fort Collins, Colorado.

So, what kind of Christian "celebrates" (the 'Rev.' Phelps' word) the death and "entry into hell" (again) of a fellow human?

No kind. By objective measure, these people are worse than satanists. They do more damage to Christianity than people who actively try to damage the Church. Read about the planned protest here, if you want. I won't link to their website. Libertarian Samizdata does, appropriately under the heading 'havens of flourescent idiocy.'

You can make better use of your time by reading the Good Book yourself, instead of the 'Rev.' Phelps' perverted version.

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