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:: Monday, September 23, 2002 ::


Lucas Wiman writes:

Right on about the AIDS research. If you make something less
profitable, then the corporations won't want to do it. There are then
two possible solutions. You could remove price controls, and eliminate
the problem. Or, you could start a massive government program to
research AIDS drugs, and patch the problem in this case, at taxpayer
expense. I think the second one is more likely to happen, unfortunately.

Didn't Bill Clinton promise something like that, a 'Manhattan Project,' to find AIDS treatments?

(Which leads to an interesting aside. What's worse, an ineffective politician who promises enormous amounts of government expansion, but doesn't deliver most of it, or one who promises less expansion but carries through on almost all of it?)

There is another option. Have the administration organize a nation-wide effort, soliciting donations from business and individuals. Call it the 'Push to Eliminate Cancer,' (or whatever disease) and see how much you can get. I'd bet it would bring in hundreds of millions of dollars per year if the fundraising was well organized.

Billions if taxes weren't as high as they are.

:: Walter 7:38 AM [+] ::

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