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:: Saturday, September 07, 2002 ::

Keep Your Receipts

FusilierPundit thinks gun purchases should be tax deductible because private gun ownership benefits the greater good. Spot on.

But don't stop there. Everything I buy benefits the greater public good. $120 for steak and wine at the Chophouse? Think how many jobs I'm supporting! $50 for detailing the Jeep? Why, those people might even be poor! I should get a tax credit for that. $1000 for a weekend of skiing and partying in Telluride? I'm supporting a whole bloomin' community!

It seems everything I purchase benefits someone. I daresay the money I spend on myself does greater good than the money I pay in income taxes.

So is it safe to say that the income tax does more harm than good? Why not? Let's make every purchase deductible. Really.

:: Walter 6:31 PM [+] ::

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