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:: Saturday, September 21, 2002 ::

ILTE of the Day

If I'd keep up with this feature a little more regularly then I wouldn't have to explain. It's Idiotic Letter to the Editor.

Anyway, today's winner is Gregg Wolfe of Arvada, Colorado, for his entry in the Rocky Mountain News, excerpted:

I have never yet heard or read about a plan to limit, plan for or control growth that accomplished its original intent without undesirable consequences. Limiting newcomers based upon income, education, skin color, religion, language, or such would not be acceptable or legal. So what can be done that is workable and fair to everyone?
One plan that I have not heard discussed as yet is a lottery. As individuals and families depart the area their "space" could be placed into a lottery.
People wishing to move into Colorado could place their names on a waiting list and hope that their number is drawn. Waiting lists at charter schools and such are common and millions of people buy lottery tickets knowing that the odds are against them, so the precedents and technology are there.

That's hilarious, but I think Gregg really means it! Gregg, if you read this, drop me a note and tell me this is satire. I'm worried about you.

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