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:: Friday, September 13, 2002 ::

Ashrawi According to the Rocky

Rocky Mountain News reporter Rebecca Jones reports:

Afterward, students who heard Ashrawi's remarks and the protests and counterprotests outside Armstrong Hall were irate that protesters appeared to be grinding their political axes at their campus event.
"She's all about having freedom of speech and not being intimidated," said Ryan Segal, 19, a student from Salt Lake City. "I ran into a lot of people today who came here with closed minds. There are people that are here to just totally push their own ideas."
Other students said they didn't know enough about the Middle East conflicts to take sides. But they didn't like the protest signs they saw, and they didn't like the name-calling they heard.
"I was just dumbfounded when one of the protesters said it's typical of colleges to bring in a speaker that would promote terrorism," said Candy Rodriguez, 19, of Houston.
"He's turning her entire presentation into something negative," said Brian Edstrom, 21, from Wisconsin, as he listened to counterspeaker Daniel Pipes, author of several books on militant Islam. Pipes was recounting for protesters who had not heard Ashrawi's address what she said. "It's not very professional," Edstrom said. "He's twisting her words."

She couldn't find a single person to take an opposing view? How hard did she try?

Good thing we have the Blogosphere to provide balance. Look for eyewitness reports from Stephen and Matt. As soon as they get around to it.

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