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:: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 ::

ILTE of the Day
Today's Denver Post, a missive from Thomas J. Kerwin of Woodland Park, CO. He's incensed by a column written by Linda Chavez. Not that I relish defending her or her opinions.

How dare you, Linda Chavez? How dare you impugn the motives and patriotism of union members and Democrats?
How dare you make worst-case scenarios: "What happens if a newly federalized airport-baggage screener falls asleep on the job, or border agent shows up drunk, or a customs agent becomes careless in searching foreign travelers?" Are you unaware of what thinking like yours did to Japanese-Americans during WWII?
And your surname is Chavez - the same hallowed last name of Cesar Chavez, who gave his life for the United Farm Workers.

Well, she could have questioned the patriotism of Republicans as well. Then I could have said that she's right on. But, Mr. Kerwin, when you equate questioning Democrats' patriotism with the worst form of racism, then you are doing public debate a serious disservice.

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