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:: Friday, August 30, 2002 ::

Dearth of Blogging on this Site
In large part because of this. Please read it.
Thanks. I've been busy this week, 'cuz I'm one of the unfortunate board members who had to offer judgement on the whole sordid affair. For more detailed information go to Ari's site, where he's got lots of good, accurate info on the whole thing.
So imagine my chagrin, when I today get this e-mail:

Uh oh, you've been linked!
By general acclamation amongst the anarchic Samizdata Team, your site 'Walter in Denver' has received the dubious honour of a permanent link on Samizdata.net.
The Samizdata Team

Finally, the Holy Grail, recognition from the grandaddy of libertarian blogs. And from all the way over there across the pond, no less. Just look over there on the left, it's the first link on this page.

And I've got no new content.

:: Walter 9:27 PM [+] ::

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