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:: Sunday, July 28, 2002 ::

Stanley Update
I was witness to Rick Stanley's sentencing last Thursday, as Denver municipal judge Robert L. Patterson gave him 180 days and a $500 fine. Rick was convicted of carrying a loaded gun at a downtown rally, in an effort to challenge Denver's anti-gun ordinances. This was a fairly severe sentence when compared to actual criminals who were given lighter fines and no confinement during that same morning's session.
The Colorado Freedom Report offers reporting and analysis.
The judge seemed, to me, to go out of his way to avoid mentioning any political purpose behind Stanley's action. He even cited Stanley's 'lack of remorse' as a factor in the harsher sentence. Well, duh.
Worse, he said he was disturbed by Stanley's view that a citizen has no responsibility not to bring a gun into the 'community.' Perhaps that was a poor choice of words on the judge's part, but I doubt it. More likely Judge Patterson really believes it's everyone's 'responsibility' to not own a gun.

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