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:: Saturday, July 27, 2002 ::

Noodles are Good Food
Diana Hsieh's responses to this blog's postings can be found here. She writes, among other things, (ya gotta read the whole thing);

Now, someone might object to this line of reasoning, as Walter in Denver so presciently did in arguing along the following lines: Neither Democrats nor Republicans really have a deep understanding of their own underlying ideology, so why should the Libertarians?

Well, of course, she's right, Libertarians should strive for deeper understanding of ideologies, libertarian and otherwise. But my point is, LP'ers can hardly be criticized for a lack of book learnin', when other political parties and movements are fairly illiterate by comparison. I suspect that Diana's peers include a bunch of people with letters behind their names. The LP, like all successful political movements, has to include a lot of folks who are a little more, ah, common.
I don't agree with her basic premise of the four pillars of capitalism. I think that reason is enough, or even religious dogmas, like Christianity, can give people a solid philosophical base for libertarianism (or capitalism). I don't see myself wavering toward statist errors, and I hope that Ms. Hsieh will be on my side when it comes down to the dirty business of politics, regardless of any philosophical disagreement we may have.

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