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:: Thursday, July 04, 2002 ::

Here come da judges
The three judge panel ("We're neutral observers. No, really!") looking at Denver's secret police files recommends they be thrown out. The Denver Post reports:
Budget considerations and a lack of computer training, the panel concluded, led to detectives entering all types of groups into the intelligence files - from criminal contingents to people with gun permits to those who had received police honorariums. And the judges acknowledged that Denver police officers probably keep most intelligence information in their heads.

David Neil, president of the Denver Police Protective Association, said he hopes the proposed regulations, if enacted, wouldn't interfere with officers' ability to do their jobs. He said intelligence files aren't admissible in court, and he doesn't know why people are so upset that the department keeps this kind of information. The department of motor vehicles and other agencies keep similar information, he said.
"I understand their concerns," he said. "But we have concerns, too, as a department. Information is a big deal in fighting crime."
(emphasis mine)

I feel so much better now, Mr. Neil. Do I need to go over all the statistics affirming that gun permit holders are far less likely to commit crimes than the general population? I have no faith that the Denver police department is not keeping politically motivated negative information an the citizenry. And that these judges aren't sympathetic to the city.
The judges recommendation is that the files be tossed after people who are listed therein be allowed to see them. I wonder if they'll publish a list of names of those people.

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