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:: Saturday, July 27, 2002 ::

is Peter Saint Andre's word to describe the Libertarian Party. He rejoins the LP debate on his blog:

To me the fight for freedom is a progressive movement, indeed a modern extension of the progressivism that brought civil rights to minorities in the USA. Some libertarians and Randians hark back to the 19th century, but I see that as deeply wrongheaded. The fight for freedom is a fight for the future and for human progress (material, scientific, political, ethical, spiritual). It is, as today's progressives claim, about peace and justice: "If you want peace, work for justice." Yet a specifically libertarian progressivism further recognizes that "If you want justice, work for freedom." It is the job of libertarians to work out what that means, to show how freedom is a truly and radically progressive cause in the 21st century. I have not seen libertarians do a good job of that, but then again I haven't quite done so either. Perhaps, to use the terminology of open-source software, this is an itch that I need to scratch....

I can't disagree with a word of that, but Peter, I'm full of feck. Let's get to work.
P.S. "If you want justice, work for freedom" would look good on your car's bumper.

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