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:: Friday, June 28, 2002 ::

Idiotic LTE of the Day
Stiff competition for today's award. Denver resident Edward H. Hawkins takes the prize with this entry from today's Denver Pest.
A taste:
I know it comes as a shock to liberal Democrats that Sen. Wayne Allard, a Republican, introduced legislation to provide $200 million for low-cost housing in the form of grants for down payments. Horrors of horrors! A Republican pushing for low-cost housing for the poor? Republicans aren't supposed to want to help poor folks. Fortunately for readers, the editorial explained it quite well. The bill, S. 2582, effectively spikes the false notion that Republicans are a bunch of unthinking, crass, rich guys.
Here's a Republican proud of his Senator for sponsoring a big ol' chunk of pork barrel social engineering. I'd hate to see what the unthinking crass rich guys are up to.

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